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You all know what I’m talking about: Business slows down, clients are less responsive, the office seems emptier and emptier, and counting down to five has become a daily ritual. Now if you’re lucky you office stays inspired and stimulated, for the rest of us, we’ve come up with 5 things to keep your motivation, productivity, and holiday spirit up.

1. Start the morning with stress-relieving stretches.

• We’ve all heard this one. Take a minute to stretch and regroup helps productivity. We’re convinced that taking breaks during the day are good for the soul. Why not make that break good for not just your mind, but your body too. TRY IT, you’ll like it.

2. Clean your work space.

• Not only will you’re space look and feel new, you feel rejuvenated. Cleaning out your work space can also help remind you off all of those little things you’ve been meaning to get to, speaking of which – get to it:

3. Been putting minuscule tasks off all year (I know I have)? Now is the time to do it.

• You probably have slightly more time on your hands with the empty office, take an hour or so each day in December and work on the small things. You will be glad you did come the New Year.

4. Search for a new job or new career.

• Perhaps your slump has nothing to do with the holidays at all. I’m always reminded just how much I love my job during the holidays because we all come together – doesn’t everyone just seem nicer the further into December you get?
• If you aren’t all warm and fuzzy during your company holiday party, perhaps it’s time to start your search. We’re, of course, happy to help you with that!

5. When all else fails – blare your motivation music.

• Maybe it’s your tunes you take on your evening jog, maybe it’s your favorite band; everyone has a go to when you’re down or feeling stuck.
• My cubemate and I have skillfully chosen holiday tunes this December. Not only does it keep us in a great mood, but it gets us excited and energized for the day.