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Over the past decade Austin has become the rising star in the technology industry. Austin is easily the hottest city for hiring. According to Simply Hired, “Austin (TX) had some of the best hiring conditions… Austin posted the highest month-over-month increase in job openings at 21.3%, almost double the next highest increase of 11.4%… It was also one of the least competitive metros, with a 2:1 unemployment ratio”

A LITTLE HISTORY: Computers became relatively affordable to the general public in the 70’s mostly due to mass production of the microprocessor. In the 80’s family began own home computers; Only a couple hundred thousand homes had personal computers. IBM’s first personal computer was beginning to be widely used in small businesses. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that over half families had a home computer and not until the beginning 21st century that almost all homes housed personal computers.

Austin was strongly stimulated by the dot-com boom in the late 1990’s. After the dot-com boom, technology became a staple in the American home.Austin based companies [such as Dell and IBM] are often credited to the rise of technology as a staple.

Austin is currently home to commanding high-tech companies like Dell, IBM, Apple, Freescale, HP, Google, Semiconductor, 3M, Facebook and many more. In the last decade Austin has become a powerhouse for the Tech Sector.

Austin was ranked #7 in the best places for business in the US. The three leading industries, according to Forbes, are Technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology.

PEOPLE KEEP COMING: According to the census data,Austin’s population has increased about 20.4% in the last ten years. Austin has become the 14th most populous city in the US and the 35th largest metropolitan area in the US!

These are all trends that will keep not only the Austin economy booming, but Austin’s tech industry booming! Makes you wonder, what’s next for Austin?