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In June, all of our employees were asked to provide anonymous feedback about how they feel working for Technology Navigators. As part of a 360-degree survey, each employee (including our CEOs) participated, delivering thoughtful feedback about the culture and environment that  we work in every day. They all agree: Technology Navigators is a great place to work!

Our Employees Feel Valued

We take extra steps to ensure our employees feel cared for: from monthly all-hands meetings where everyone’s voices and ideas are brought to a single table to weekly town-hall meetings where we share wins over domestic and locally made beers, employees know that their concerns are taken seriously. As one employee put it, “I feel truly valued here. My experience matters and is acknowledged!”

Everyone Cares A Lot 

The staff at TechNav often show up early and stay late. At first glance, it may appear that this is an unspoken rule (as it is within some workplaces), but in our 360 review, the feedback says otherwise: everyone just cares a whole lot! Our professionals pull more than their own weight, performing at high levels to meet the growing demand in the Austin market place. One employee said, “I think everyone is pulling their weight here! We have a great environment of high achieving people.”

Teamwork is Key

In the staffing world, teamwork is not a word you hear often; in Technology Navigators, we thrive on team-based work. The employees celebrate wins together: high-fives are rampant in our office! The CEOs are working alongside our staff and it makes a huge impression! Our employees remarked on the commitment shown when seeing the owners stop in their day to have a teachable moment and contribute to our knowledge and personal growth: “Our CEOs have taken time out for me, and that is fantastic! It really does help us learn.”

Technology Navigators strives to hire the most tenacious teammates who will care a lot, work a lot, and work hard for the company. We are thrilled that our employees have turned our vision into a reality! It’s a great day to work at Technology Navigators and it is only getting better!