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Newton’s Top 3 Networking Tips

Networking can be a scary word, especially to introverts who are job-seeking. Networking events propose a unique challenge: with a room full of strangers, where do you begin making connections?

Newton Brown is one of our new Recruiting Consultants,  with years of experience in sourcing. When it comes to networking, Newton is an expert. With a talent for connecting to people quickly, Newton’s top three tips are easy to follow: Be Prepared, Be Early, and Be Helpful.

Be Prepared

“I always mentally and physically prepare for a networking event,” Newton says, “I have plenty of business cards with me, maybe a resume or two should I need it, and I set my attitude of friendliness before I enter the door.”

To be prepared for a networking event, have the following:

  1. Business Cards to hand out
  2. A place to collect business cards (like a card holder or a padfolio)
  3. Resumes
  4. Pressed and neat clothing (You never know who you’ll meet!)
  5. Mints

Being armed with a positive attitude and a padfolio will give a new sense of purpose to your networking adventure.

Be Early

“When you show up early, you have an opportunity to meet and help out the event organizers, who are powerful network connections,” Newton advises.

Early-birds can control the dynamics of a networking event. Each person that walks through the door will naturally gravitate to groups already in progress (which means you!). Greet each person and invite them to join in your group—it will make them feel welcome and included, a favor they will not forget.

Be Helpful

“I always am the guy who knows where the bathrooms are,” Newton says, “because it gives me an opportunity to help other people who are there, but being helpful is much more than that.”

Using the phrase, “How can I help you?” at a Networking event will reveal surprising answers. Some people need a job, and other people need employees. You’re the great investigator, trying to find people to connect together. You are a powerful resource to everyone at the party: whether it’s helping the host set up materials, showing people the bathroom, or sharing a network connection with a job-seeker or hiring manager, you are helping  others accomplish their goals. As someone contributing  , you will be a memorable network event attendee!

With these three small tips, you will be able to tackle your next networking event without fear and maybe you will see Newton there. He’ll be the guy knowledgeable about everything, including where to find  the restroom!