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Here at technology Navigators, we’re excited for what 2013 has to offer, and plan on taking advantage of the New Year and new beginning. Here are 3 easy guidelines that we are adopting to brighten our prospect, and sharing in hopes help improve your future!

1. Goals, not resolutions. Because, by now, most people have given up on their resolutions. By definition a goal is “the end toward which effort(s) are directed.”

2. Making a plan. We are deciding where we want to be and then deciphering how we can realistically get there. This helps us understand exactly how much work it will take and who will be involved. Writing out steps to make these goals possible also helps us to keep up with the goals we have. Having a plan in place to back up your goal, is just another way to ensure that your goal is achievable and how you’re going to achieve that goal.

• Objectives! Set targets on exactly how will you reach your goals. Checklists are my favorite thing in the world. Not only do they help me to reach any of my goals, but they also give me the feeling that I have achieved something, even if it’s just a tiny part of the entire picture.
• Accountability! Keep the group involved in the entire process. Whether its personal goals you’re reaching with your family or workplace goals you’re reaching with a team of coworkers, the group needs to be up to date as much as possible to be your couch and support.

3. Realistic Goals. To set a specific goal, we are able to plan out exactly how to get to that goal and be reasonable with our expectations. Now with that being said, we are raising our expectations in order to meet our goals.

• Getting in shape is a big resolution for some people. But hitting the gym everyday, when you had never hit the gym before January 01, that’s not only unrealistic but is an easy way to burn yourself out.

4. Other helpful things for setting new goals

• Set a deadline. This not only keeps everyone on the same page, but it also can further the creation of a timeline. Depending on how detailed any goal is, we are able to have a timeline that gets us to the finish line on time, but it also gets us there all together.

As for our new year, we’re looking into a brighter futuer with realistic goals and plans to back up those goals.