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As Austin, Texas continues to draw new residents in masses, the job market continues to get tighter. With new positions getting filled by local candidates everyday, it may seem tough to make your experience stand out against the competition. If you are one of the many considering relocating to the rolling hills of scenic Austin, Texas, we have some helpful tips and tricks to help get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers alike!

1. Include intent to relocate in a cover letter/top of resume

While writing a cover letter including your intent to relocate to Austin is ideal, we realize not all hiring managers will take the time to read through them unfortunately. So while it is extremely beneficial to include a cover letter with this information included, there are other ways to get your message across. If you haven’t already, try typing up a quick blurb announcing your desire to relocate to Austin and put that at the top of your resume so it’s impossible to miss!

 2. Use a local physical address

Already have a house or apartment locked down for when you find your next work home? Use that to your advantage! Be sure to include this new physical address on your resume to better delineate what part of town may best suit your job search. Another perk of doing so is that when recruiters and hiring managers search for candidates within a certain area of Austin, your resume has a much higher likelihood of showing up in their unique search results!

3. Explain a bit, if you can!

We know relocating can be a big deal – finding a new place to live, nailing down a great new work home, meeting new friends, etc. Here at Technology Navigators, we’ve helped tons of professionals relocate to Austin to begin a rewarding new job within our clients’ environments. While tons of folks are excited by the opportunity of moving to a booming city with exponential growth opportunities, Keeping Austin Weird can be a difficult proposition to some. Have you visited the Austin area before? Do you have family that lives here in the city? Did you used to live here years ago and can’t wait to get back? These are all very helpful  anecdotes that can be included in your cover letter to let both recruiters and hiring managers alike know that you’re serious about your upcoming move to Austin.

4. Call your friends at Technology Navigators for help

Thriving in the local Austin staffing market for almost 20 years now, our recruiters at Technology Navigators have the knowledge and experience to help you transition successfully. With technical opportunities ranging from associate-level software development jobs to high-level leadership positions, Technology Navigators can help you find a new gig or work home that suits you and your needs. Find out how we can help by reaching out to us today! Be sure to include your resume with your inquiry so can direct you to the proper internal resource. We look forward to working with you soon!