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There’s an extraordinary experience that happens when a person discovers their self as someone who really makes a difference.   In the minutia of life, we all too often get wrapped up and forget the greater vision of what we see as possible for ourselves and for those around us.  Since every organization exists in the assembly of people committed to causing its survival and its success, just as we lose sight so does the company.  Given that that happens from time to time: how do you keep in the forefront, or re-presence, the opportunity for your business to be a remarkable contribution and make happen something that only exists because you and your business are committed to winning?

Not the answer, but just a place to possibly look is – out in the community.  What is your business contributing to the community?  What’s the experience of clients and vendors who work with you?   What would they say about who and how you are?  Include yourself as part of that community and ask yourself, when you go home at the end of the day are you “whew, glad that’s over” or are you “wow, what an awesome day!”

As best we know, you only have one life.  That life can be spent just “rolling with the punches” or you could really start to take on that no matter who you are, from a receptionist to a CEO, that YOU are the one that makes a difference.  No, strike that, YOU are the one that makes “THE” difference. Inside that gap, you get to discover your own power and potential, and when you share it with others they get to discover it too!  Then up, up, up, the culture rises and what was never before possible is suddenly possible.

At Technology Navigators, WE are Difference Makers.  We are crystal clear that in every interaction and every accountability that we are actually altering people’s lives.   We are, and it’s a realization that we don’t take lightly. When we call, a new opportunity comes into existence for other person.  Someone in our community now has the opportunity to be partnered with say the “perfect environment”, or someone who has always been searching for a certain kind of boss gets to meet their future mentor.  Or maybe just being connected to a company, where at the end of the day they go home kiss their spouse and can be at peace with a day well served.   Our team makes, what was not possible 30 seconds before the phone rang, suddenly possible.