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CloudAustin January Meetup: 2010s Retrospective

January 21, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Some info from their webpage:


“NOTE: Use new back entrance. Details at the end of the event post and see attached photo.

It’s been quite a decade in the cloud, DevOps, and tech in general space.

Looking back to 2010, I (Ernest) personally was in my first “cloud job” at the time with James, Karthik, Peco, and others, as a startup SaaS team inside National Instruments. The cloud future was bright! Now we have huge cloud providers with zillions of services, and containers and serverless and orchestrators and service meshes…

Some things have changed – some things haven’t. When I look at the Agile Admin blog, many of the questions people have – what is Devops, how do you organize for it, how do you deal with AWS things like cross-region and ephemeral storage – seem to be evergreen. Heck, the first two keynotes at DevOpsDays Austin 2012 were both security talks and we’re just now getting around to DevSecOps. There’s still people who don’t use the cloud, though fewer – 94% of enterprises and 50% of government organizations use the cloud now.

And progress isn’t always clearly positive. They just finally laid off that SaaS team at NI. We had a CloudAustin meeting a couple months ago where we discussed config management and how it’s kind of more of a giant mess than it was even a decade ago. Monitoring seems similar. I personally would argue some of the movement around kube and SRE is regressive and promotes the old “priests in the temple” operations model.

So this meeting we’re going to do a (blameless) retrospective of the 2010s as a group! You know the drill, like a project or sprint retro. We’ll list accomplishments/events of note and then do a “What went well/What could be improved/What changes will we make going forward” whiteboard discussion. Please come out and contribute!

Please feel free and think about this ahead of time and come prepared with things that went well for you in the decade, things that went poorly, and changes to make ahead (for you, or industry trends, or whatever)!

Note we’re using a new back entrance at Rackspace to avoid all the sign-in and ferrying around. Park in the back of the parking lot facing the I-35 feeder road, walk around the back of the building (opposite the front entrance) and you’ll come in there!

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