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Austin DevOps Meetup: Practical Security Problems and Solutions

August 13, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Currently hoping to pull off a triple header of local talent on security topics…

Transform your Security Practices with DevOps

In a previous role I utilized DevOps practices to lead a major transformation of the security and auditing practices of our team taking them from failure-prone manual repetitive tasks to fully automated unicorn status. This talk will outline the changes we made both technically and culturally to transform not only the security team, but the whole organization into treating security as a design goal rather than an afterthought.

You’ll leave this talk with a solid grasp of the tools and techniques needed to knock down the silos around your security team and enter a utopian world of security first engineering.

Paul Czarkowski is a recovering Systems Administrator who has run infrastructure for longer than he cares to admit. After cutting his teeth in the ISP and Gaming industries Paul changed his focus to using (and contributing to) Open Source Software to improve the Operability of complex distributed systems such as Kubernetes and OpenStack. He is currently a Developer Evangelist at Pivotal.


AWS Role Based Security

Richard Boyd is a the CloudOpsTeam Lead at Bright Health. Besides automating all the things he enjoys interacting with the DevOps community in Austin, being a Co-Lead for his daughter’s Daisy Troop, and exploring tasty breweries in ATX.