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What to Expect During the Job Search Process.

Looking for your next great teammate can be a complex and frustrating process. Relax! Technology Navigators has the expertise to simplify the hiring process to land your company its next great hire. Partner with us to experience our robust S4 Methodology.

1 Staging.

The process begins with a kick-off meeting where we get to know you and your company, understanding the current and prospective hiring needs, the situation as to why you’re hiring, and the diverse skill requirements. Technology Navigators gets to know what types of industries you might be interested in, your company culture and the type of employment that best fits your unique circumstances.

2 Sourcing.

Pulling from our private talent community, long-term relationships, and comprehensive database of local  Austin technical resources, the search begins for top tech talent that fits your requirements and company culture. All of the candidates we introduce to you have been thoroughly prescreened and provides us a detailed summary of why they’re a fit for your company. Our goal is to ensure a good match for both sides while giving you an aggressive, competitive advantage. Many local Austin candidates work exclusively with Technology Navigators to find their next great career move or contract gig, year after year, so you can land top candidates other staffing agencies don’t have access to.

3 Screening.

Once candidates have been selected to enter into your screening process, Technology Navigators work diligently to coordinate the interview experience, prepping the candidate on what to expect, and remain on-call during the entirety of the interview. We follow-up these efforts by soliciting feedback from the candidate, then triangulate their feedback with the client’s feedback to assist in making the best possible decision in which candidates to move forward with. We professionally disposition candidates not selected to move forward so your entity remains in good favor with Austin’s tech talent.

4 Selection.

Congratulations, you’re almost ready to bring on an A-list player in the local technology pool. This is where we deliver an impressive value-add; Technology Navigators keeps your organization top-of-mind for the candidate while completing background checks and consistently checking on the talent’s status against competing opportunities. Our services include extending verbal offers and obtaining candidate commitments, ensuring your formal offers have a high degree of acceptance.