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Common Mistakes Recruiters Make


At Technology Navigators, we pride ourselves on our superior and skilled recruiters; however, we’ve all made mistakes recruiting. Here is our list of the most common mistakes recruiters make: 1. Blinded by paper qualifications • When a candidate looks great on paper they are not necessarily a fit for the client. You have to consider […]

Counter Offers: the Not-So-Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Counter Offers Bad

I decided that my next blog would be on counter offers. What they are, when we get them, why to take them, why to not take them. While doing my research, I got side tracked when I noticed one trend: not one article or piece of literature said “you should take a counter offer.” Instead […]

The Secrets to an A+ Interview

Last week I took part in conducting a somewhat awful interview, so I decided it was time to give our readers some feedback on key practices to perfecting an interview. Here’s a brief anecdote of what happened. (this is what NOT to do!!) I prepped the woman, we will call her Kathy (not her actual […]

Why Work in Austin, Texas?

As I mentioned in the last blog, Austin has become the 35th largest metropolitan area in the US. It is a big city but still retains that small town vibe. I recently went around asking people why they liked living in Austin. The answers were all over the board. I acquired various simple answers such […]

Tech Industry in Austin

Greetings from Austin mural

Over the past decade Austin has become the rising star in the technology industry. Austin is easily the hottest city for hiring. According to Simply Hired, “Austin (TX) had some of the best hiring conditions… Austin posted the highest month-over-month increase in job openings at 21.3%, almost double the next highest increase of 11.4%… It […]


Tech Nav Team

Welcome to the Technology Navigator’s Blog. As a company, we wanted to start an informal blog to help keep our customers and candidates aware of what is going on here in Austin, specifically within the tech industry. We are a local staffing firm that has been in the industry over thirteen years. We take pride […]