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What to Expect During the Job Search Process.

Looking for a new job can be a complex and frustrating process. Relax. Technology Navigators has the expertise to simplify the process and get you the results you need. Partner with us and you’ll experience the following five steps in your job search.

1 Get Acquainted.

The process begins with a kick off meeting where we get to know you both personally and professionally, understanding your family situation, your diverse skill-sets, the types of companies and industries you might be interested in, what type of company culture would be a good fit, the type of employment that best fits your unique circumstances, your salary requirements and your career goals.

2 Identify the Perfect Position.

Pulling from our personal knowledge, long-term company relationships and comprehensive database of current job openings, the search begins for positions that you will find satisfying and rewarding. All of the companies you are recommended to have also been interviewed, providing a detailed understanding of the position. Our goal is to ensure a good match for both sides while giving you an aggressive, competitive advantage. Many client companies give us exclusives to their openings, so you could potentially land a position that other staffing agencies don’t even know about.

3 Pitch the Company.

Once promising opportunities are identified and your level of interested is determined, a personal, one-on-one pitch is made to the chosen company. You are promoted as a whole package, with your strengths and the skill-sets you bring to the table highlighted. The company is encouraged to see why we think you are the best candidate for the job. Be confident that your resume will never be forwarded to any company without a personal conversation about why you have been selected for their opening.

4 Support for the Interview Process.

Once an interview is scheduled, you are provided with the tools you’ll need to have an extra advantage. After the interview has been completed, follow-up is conducted with both sides to determine next steps.

5 Communicate Job Offer and Close the Deal.

When a company decides they want to hire you, all of the details are taken care of – job requirements, salary expectations and benefit packages. During this crucial and sensitive stage, you’ll benefit from our years of experience in the industry. After all of the loose ends are wrapped up, your recruiter will walk you in to your new job and introduce you to the managers that you’ll be working with. Then we’ll stay in touch, following up with you to find out about the company and your experience there. Your job satisfaction is what is most important to us!