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Monday, July 8th starting at 6 pm

Austin DevOps Meetup: PayTalk Time & Avoiding Friendly Fire in AWS

AWS’s access model provides powerful opportunities for controlling who has what level of access to which resources. But with this awesome power comes awesome complexity. The inevitable shortcuts mean that a one-line bug could wipe out all your EC2 resources instead of the intended targeted few. In this talk, we’ll quickly review the key aspects of IAM and discuss some strategies for keeping cloud resources safe from friendly fire.


Thursday, July 11th starting at 6:30 pm

Austin Linux User Group Meetup: Monthly Meeting

Stop by this month’s meeting to discuss all things Linux! You’ll be glad you branched out to meet new industry professionals and continue honing your craft with like-minded individuals.


Thursday, July 11th starting at 7 pm

Austin PHP Meetup: Intro to Using Kubernetes with PHP

Samir from FloSports will be giving a talk on Kubernetes! The group will be describing Kubernetes architecture and components as well as creating, packaging and deploying PHP applications on minikube using helm, a popular kubernetes package manager. After that, you’ll make some code changes and outline the necessary steps to deploy those changes to your local cluster.


Monday, July 15th starting at 7 pm

PyLadies ATX Meetup: PyLadies Tech & Coding Night

Enjoy an open coding night with the members of PyLadies ATX! Bring your questions, advice, and recent wins to discuss with the group as you network with this fun group of professionals.


Tuesday, July 16th starting at 6 pm

Cloud Austin Meetup

Looking to meet some new local cloud technology professionals? Want to share your latest wins and upcoming projects? Check out this upcoming Meetup here in Austin!


Wednesday, July 17th starting at 6:30 pm

Austin Node.js Meetup

Save the date for another amazing Austin Node.js Meetup with lightning talks (5 to 15 minutes in length). Feature Talks are typically 30 to 60 minutes in length and will be recorded. Afterwards, the talks will be added to the group’s YouTube channel and soon-to-come website!


Thursday, July 18th starting at 7 pm

Bleeding Edge Web Meetup

The main topic will be announced prior to the meetup date, but as always, they’ll start off with the crowd favorite News From the Bleeding Edge talk. After that, they’ll get into the main talk and the occasional lightning talks. See you there!


Monday, July 29th starting at 5:30 pm

Austin Salesforce Developer Meetup: When and How to Use the New Flow Builder

This month’s speaker will guide the group through the new flow builder including a walk-through of a common use case. You’ll get to delve into how to use a trigger for the same use case as well as  the pros and cons of using flow builder vs a trigger (including ease of maintenance, debugging, governor limits, and performance issues).


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