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Networking Events: Why You Should Ditch the Casual Conversation Starters

Posted by Zsalvo | Job Search Tips,Networking| 11:13am, Wednesday 08 6, 2014

Networking events can be awkward because many people don’t know the first line. A lot of people start off with the stereotypical. “What do you do?” Or “Where do you work?” Once you’ve exchanged employment histories, the conversation tends to die down. So now what? Do you exchange business cards? Do you move onto the next person and try again? Do you excuse yourself awkwardly and head back over to the bar? The result of …

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How to Write an Effective Resume

Posted by Zsalvo | Job Search Tips| 9:55am, Friday 03 21, 2014

As TechNav’s Market Manager, Scott Beardsley leads our team of Recruiting Consultants and Sales Directors with over 20 years of experience in the field of technical recruiting to back him up. In this post, he shares his insight on how to keep your resume from ending up in a hiring manager’s trash.

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Beware of the Counter Offer!

Posted by Stephanie Squires | Job Search Tips| 10:03am, Monday 09 16, 2013

Let’s face it, conducting a search for your next great career move is a stressful, time consuming, and exhausting process.  Unless the new opportunity just comes “knocking on the door” with an offer you can’t refuse, it usually involves a great deal of planning, research, email solicitations, applications, interviews, more research, more interviews… get the point. For most people, the reward, at the end of this laborious process is the promise of a new career, …

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